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W E Botterill & Son are suppliers of Free Range Geese, Turkeys & Chickens Traditionally Reared in Croxton Kerrial, Leicestershire to Order Online.

G. B Geese is situated at Town End Farm House, Middle Street, Croxton Kerrial, on the Leicestershire and Lincolnshire borders. The nearest major town is Grantham.

The Botterill family have been tending the farm for over 70 years and it is now run by Gerald and Ann Botterill with their son, Richard, and his wife, Jo.

The village is becoming increasingly well known for the picturesque sight of flocks of geese being herded through the streets. This spectacular event as been featured in several newspapers and TV programmes and our free range turkeys, geese and chickens can be seen freely grazing in the green fields surrounding the village.  The grass is shared between a flock of 400 breeding ewes, 1500 geese, 3000 turkeys and 2000 Chickens.

Traditional Farming Methods

We source our goslings and chicks from small specialist hatcheries that produce slow growing strains of poultry that are ideal for free range outdoor production.

In order to produce the very best poultry we rely on Traditional farming methods. All of our birds are delivered as day olds and are immediately put into small groups under brooders.

Once the birds are fully feathered they are allowed free access to fields surrounding the farmyard.  Each night we are careful to make sure all the birds are shut up to protect them from predators. The birds are fed on a cereal based diet produced locally and on the farm.

Christmas Poultry

The geese and turkeys are available through November and December with the main production being aimed at Christmas, but we are constantly being asked to produce poultry year round.  In order to meet this demand we have started to produce a small number of chickens on a weekly basis. This is something we will develop in future gradually increasing numbers as demand grows. Further developments include selling geese at Michealmas and producing goose fat for sale.

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