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About Walton Academy

Walton Academy is an 11 – 19 highly successful and oversubscribed academy. As a leading edge high performing academy we pride ourselves in our traditional values and supportive culture for both students and staff.

At Walton you will find a school with a unique and distinctive ethos. We value every Walton pupil as an individual and pride ourselves on our ability to both nurture and challenge our students to fulfil their potential - to 'soar like an eagle' as our badge depicts. Our close knit, outward looking and happy community is an ideal environment for each student to flourish.

Core Values

Our core values include our exceptionally high standards in all areas of achievement, behaviour, learning and teaching and leadership. We fundamentally believe that every student should achieve their full potential and all staff are committed to ensuring this happens. Our academy is underpinned by an ethos of excellence, courage, commitment and ownership. We consider these to be integral to our students’ success and wellbeing. Alongside a commitment to academic excellence, students are expected and encouraged to become fully involved in Walton life.

Developing character is hugely important to us too, we want our students to be strong of mind, will and heart and we offer a wide range of enrichment opportunities to ensure this happens. All students will follow our LORIC curriculum that develops leadership, organisation, resilience, initiative and communication skills in readiness for the world of work. At Walton our culture of kindness is of equal importance to academic success – we want our students not only to be successful but leave with a robust moral compass.

Student Care

At the heart of our success is the care we take with our students. We believe that any student will flourish as part of a strong partnership between student, parent and the academy. We work closely with primary schools and parents to ensure that students who join us in Year 7 are confident and excited about joining Walton. Similarly we work closely with our Post 16 and other further education providers to ensure that students have the best possible opportunities for the next stage in their lives. Each student has a tutor to provide day to day care, and for those times when a little more support is needed we have a strong pastoral care team and a network of professionals to call upon.

Learning and Teaching

We encourage and support students of every capability to succeed and improve on their personal best within a creative and exciting learning environment. The best learning cannot take place without the best teaching and the quality of teaching at Walton is second to none, backed up by excellent OFSTED feedback and a consistently high level of professional development.

Achievements and Standards

Walton has been recognised as good with outstanding features by OFSTED. Our most recent results were phenomenal and place us in the top 10%  of all schools nationally, demonstrating that we have the expertise to allow all students to fulfil their potential and achieve their dreams. We strive to be the best secondary school in the country and are committed to continually improving our offer and the quality of our provision.

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